About Us

Our Platform

Sam’s Clan is the best place to discover all things American made. We are not a government entity and we have no political agenda. We are a company which creates a unique experience connecting everyday consumers to sellers of American made goods. Sam’s Clan is about celebrating the quality, craftsmanship, and ingenuity of American made products. From the greatest car ever made, the Deusenberg SJ, manufactured with precision in tiny Auburn, Indiana during the first half of the 20th Century, to present day brands such as Kenmore, there is nothing that has ever come close to American made. It is our belief that once this spirit is reignited, there is nothing that will ever stop the prosperity of the American economy.

Our Inspiration

Uncle Sam Small

We have looked for years for a central place to support companies that still manufacture products domestically. We have grown tired of desperately searching through labels to discover where our favorite brands are made. Inspired by Uncle Sam, the caricature created during the War of 1812, and the famous rallying cry during the 1917 draft, “I Want You,” we were spurred to action. Sam’s Clan is all about supporting our local artisans, craftsman, brands, and manufacturers who still are chasing the American dream. We hope you find their products and stories as inspiring as we do, and tell your friends and family to join Sam’s Clan!

Our Mission

1. Empower consumers to make conscious decisions about the products they buy and where they come from.
2. Support companies that still manufacture products in America as well as regions which have been hard hit due to the loss of these companies.
3. Through our discovery boxes, help consumers learn about high quality American made brands, and encourage them to become customers for life.
4. Help create one million new jobs by shifting production back to America. Please view more details on "The Sam's Clan Million Job Initiative" here.

Our Founder & CEO Matthew Kane

Matthew Kane, Founder & CEO

"After shopping in a store one day and seeing almost a $100 price tag on a shirt made in China, it finally hit me. The only way in the world I was going to pay 100 bucks for a shirt was if it was made in the USA. Desperate to find something American made in the store, I searched high and low but finally gave up and went home, where I struggled to find any centralized place online to find American made products. As a serial web entrepreneur, this frustration, coupled with the current economic climate, helped to spring me to action, and Sam's Clan was born."

In addition to Sam's Clan, Matt is also the co-founder of Hedgeable, a risk management focused investing firm created in response to the financial crisis, and Managing Partner of Morefield Partners, a startup incubation and consulting firm where he works on many innovative online and offline projects.

Matt was born and raised in Philadelphia, a once proud manufacturing hub. His favorite brands manufactured locally include Yuengling Beer (Pottsville, PA) and Harley Davidson Motorcycles (York, PA). You can reach him directly by email at matt[at]samsclan[dot]com or find him on linkedin. He's a nice guy, don't be shy.