The Sam's Clan "1 Million Job Initiative"


The goal of Sam's Clan is to create 1 Million new American jobs within the next decade. Some people may think we are crazy, but we feel it is an attainable goal. By our estimates, to achieve this goal, the average American only needs to shift $459 in spending to American products, just 3.5% of their yearly retail purchases. This is the country that put a man on the moon and gave the world Michael Jackson after all! Here is our plan:

1. Promote up and coming companies which could be the industry killers of tomorrow. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of job and wealth creation. View and edit our Made in USA company wiki.

2. Encourage consumers to choose American made products over foreign imports, if possible. This increases the bottom line of these companies, forcing them to hire new employees to keep up with the growth. New employees means more cash flowing through local communities- this equals new restaurants, shops, and small business creation.

3. Incentivize growing businesses to keep their manufacturing operations in America, rather than taking the usual path overseas. New plants means new workers. New workers means new houses. New houses means new carpenters, realtors, cars, and repair men. You get the picture.

Why Buy American Made?

1. Keep high paying jobs on our shores

2. Support once vibrant, but now struggling regional communities

3. Maintain America as the leading economic and quality of living superpower for your children

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The only way we can make our mission a reality is through your support. When you become a Sam's Clan member we will send you a monthly discovery box which not only provides direct financial support to American made companies, but also allows you to fall in love with new brands and help spread the word.

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