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Allen Edmonds

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Short Company Description
Allen Edmonds is a shoe manufacturer and retailer of ultra-high quality mens shoes, including dress shoes, dress casual shoes, and casual comfort shoes. In addition to distributing their shoes to retailers, the company operates 32 retail stores in 17 states. The company is known for their loyal customers. Allen Edmonds is based in Port Washington, Wisconsin.
Sam Says...
From the sandy beaches of the Normans, to the jungles of the island tribes, our greatest generation battled our enemies three score ago valiantly and bravely. I still recall my trips to see our boys, gaunt in the face, and steely eyed in the character. Integrity, brute force, and engineering helped our boys win the Second Great War. We can give thanks to the Allen Edmonds Shoe Company of the great state of Wisconsin for a part of our triumph. You see, them brave souls that I recruited to fight our enemies was wearing none other than Allen Edmonds shoe's in the theatre of battle. Founded way back in 1922, Allen Edmonds supplied our brave boys for the war, and have been making the finest American crafted shoes for millions of folks ever since. Like the blacksmiths and stone masons of my distant youth, the craftsman at Allen Edmonds have taken shoe making to the level of an art form. Each pair of Allen-Edmonds shoes are carefully crafted by hand in a process that includes 212 separate production steps. As American buying patterns have changed in my long life, one thing has remained constant. Allen Edmonds makes about 95% of its men's dress and casual shoes in Maine and Wisconsin, resisting the trend of moving production abroad. Shoes made by "The Great American Shoe Company" as they have come to be called, are hand made by the most highly skilled workers in the whole Union. Products are sold at dozens of company-owned haberdasheries and larger department stores all over this great land. If you want Italian quality at American prices, support the Great American Shoe Company, like the Greatest Generation did before.