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Ping is a brand of high quality golf equipment, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. The company was a pioneer in the production of putters. Ping remains one of the few golf manufacturers in the U.S., with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.
Sam Says...
If it's good enough for a guy named Bubba, then it should be good enough for you! No, I'm not referring to my dog Bubba, or the 42ndCommander and Chief of this great country, but Bubba Watson himself. The highest quality American driver design from Ping Golf, in the great Canyon State of Arizona, is what has made Bubba the longest hitter in the whole entire PGA year after year. I must admit, the great game of golf has long been one of them passions of mine. The misses always says that I need to spend more time with her than on the course, but with a stick as fine as one made by Ping in my hands, the course do me just fine. Believe it or not Ping was founded by an enterprising young engineer, named Karsten Solheim, from my good friend Thomas Edison's establishment, General Electric, way back during the Kennedy Administration. Putters were made in his garage for over a decade, until operations were moved out to the high dessert. Today, Ping makes the finest quality golfing equipment in the world, used by countless professional golfing gentlemen, and employing over 1,400 Americans in the Phoenix area alone. PING is the only U.S. golf company to achieve ISO certification, a worldwide standard for quality assurance and environmental standards.