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New Balance

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Short Company Description
New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. is a manufacturer of athletic footwear under the New Balance name. New Balance is known for their strength in running shoes, in addition to technical innovations, such as a blend of gel inserts, heel counters, and a selection of sizes for very narrow and very wide widths. They are headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.
Sam Says...
Arches, that beautiful American symbol of dominance. Out in the Missouri territory there is an arch dedicated to my great comrades Lewis and Clark, and throughout this great land the McDonalds arch can be seen in the landscape. Well, there is another company up there in the New England territory that applies the arch to a whole other meaning. Founded way back in nineteen hundred and six by English immigrant William Riley, the New Balance Arch Support Company made its mark on early American history. Supporting the daily riggers of the American worker for decades, New Balance arches were the products that police officers, conductors, and waiters depended on. For years I have worn a pair of New Balances on my travels throughout our great land, and it's a good thing too. The misses always comments on the size of my feet, "Sam get your big blue clod hoppers off the dang table." Thankfully, New Balance makes a shoe that is perfect for my wide foot. Today, a full twenty-five percent of New Balance's shoes sold in North America are produced by their US workforce in the great bay state of Massachusetts and pine tree state of Maine. In fact New Balance maintains five manufacturing facilities in the New England territory, making it the only athletic shoe maker still producing products within our great land. Over 4,000 hard working people are employed by the New Balance company, with global sales topping $1 Billion.